If you would like to give a donation of clothing, tools, toys, or just about anything else, please follow these guidelines:
1. We accept fine quality used items only. If you have an item that is unusable, please just throw it away rather than bringing it to the Thrift Store.
2. If you are donating clothing, shoes, or any other type of apparel, make sure it is clean before it is donated if at all possible.
3. If you are donating any other types of items, please only donate them if they are in good condition and working properly.

If you would like to donate items that can be used for building projects or other things that can be used to improve the Thrift Store, please feel free to at any time. Items that could be most useful include, paint, carpeting, rugs, driveway stone, building and roofing materials, etc. Also, we are looking for volunteers to do landscaping around the Thrift Store and voluntary labor for a building project we have planned. If you are at all interested, please contact us. We are always looking for Gifts In Kind, meaning any left over inventory from department stores or furniture stores. Any type of donation that you think would be useful to the Thrift Store for any reason would be greatly appreciated.